I’m an artist, mother, fabric designer, knitter, seamstress, visual merchandiser, freelance decorator, fabric junky, color collector and pattern/texture crazy!

Its these eclectic mix of interests and skills that weave together my unique one of kind creations. In 2012 I introduced Luckey ReDo my line of unique one of a kind wearables. Working from a collection of recycled garments I transform the familiar into creative pieces of wearable art, combining traditional craft techniques—knitting, felting, sewing, embroidery and collage. Each one-of-akind garment enjoys unique embelishments: antique buttons & lace,accents of pattern,bursts of color,repurposed fabrics,hand knit tendrilled collars and cuffs. I continue to push the boundaries of my knitting with soft textured holes,colors & function. Check out my video on luckeyredo.com to see more.

As a graduate of the RISD Textile Department, I spent many years in the industry creating fabric. For more than a decade I have embraced my own work, focusing on hand knitting,sewn accessories and garments. I have come to see that each piece has a visual story to tell and a home. Often I am brought a collection of memories in the form of yarns, antique buttons and trims or garments which I then make into a one of a kind wearable, a kind of memorial piece. Its these moments that I realize I am a part of an on going story, a steping stone along the way.

My goal as an artist is to continue to stretch myself and my technical skills, pushing the limits and keeping the integrity of each piece. I hope to bring my skills back to the community thru teaching and sharing what I do.